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  • Do you believe there will be a rebirthing of the rescue movement with massive arrests?
    I do believe that we must be willing to lay down our comforts and even our lives to rescue the "least" of God's children. Our children's and grandchildren's freedom will be no more secure than the innocent whose cries the Church ignores today. We should protect them as we would want to be protect. We should insist on the abolition of all abortion and accept nothing less. If we must pressure our leaders by way of laying down our lives between the victims and those who assault and murder them, then Jesus be lifted up in our sacrifice and answer our desperate prayers for justice for the children! I do believe rescue will be more successful if it is done in the jurisdiction of the "lesser magistrate" (a state governor, for example), who may be provoked by our sacrifice to stand with us and do his or her duty and protect the innocent in that state's lawful jurisdiction.
  • How can I purchase extra books at decreased cost?
    My biography will be available through the publisher Ambassador International ( The books are available on amazon; simply search the title. This site is designed to provide a more intimate experience for the reader, with pictures that will not be available in the biography, and to allow an opportunity for giving to a Christian school I support in Bihar, India.
  • If I've never done abortion sidewalk ministry before, how do I get started?"
    I would encourage you to come to one of Operation Save America's quarterly events. Our annual event in July would be most helpful to encourage and teach you how to speak up in defense of God's threatened children. Learn more at .
  • Do you endorse any exceptions where abortion should be legal, like rape or incest?"
    The rape and incest "exceptions" are "smoke and mirrors" argument designed to distract from the genuine point of contention in the abortion debate. For example, if I held an infant in my hands and informed you, "This child was conceived in incestuous rape. The child is handicapped. I am the mother and I don't want the child." Then I asked, "Do you think I should have the right to kill this baby?" Most of you would object, "No, you can't kill the child! The baby's alive! The child has the right to life!" If I proceeded to assault the child with a weapon trying to kill the baby, many if not most of you would intervene to try to save the child. The ones who were too fearful to intervene would probably consider intervention heroic! This proves that the rape and incest exceptions are distractions. The true point of contention is, "Is the baby alive?" The right to life comes from God, not the parents, not the state. No one has the right to murder an innocent baby.
  • Are you pleased with the progress the pro-life movement has made over the years regulating abortion?
    All the so-called "progress" is nonsense. All the "Do-this-and-then-you-can-kill-the-baby" laws the pro-life movement wastes so much time and money on failures. Equality and justice is an either/or scenario. The Bible puts it this way, "If you don't love your neighbor as yourself, you don't love God" (the book of First John). If you were in a death camp like I was as a girl, would you want those who were obligated to love you to lobby for cleaner death camps? Less bugs in our starvation diet? Please! It disgusts the Lord that we waste so much time on money that will not protect one single child, even if the legislation is upheld by the courts. Almost all of the so-called pro-life laws are overruled by the judiciary anyway. The pro-life movement celebrates the passing of these waiting-period laws, mandatory ultrasound laws, and heartbeat bills, but they're running on a treadmill, going nowhere, because the judiciary flushes most of their laws down the proverbial toilet. If we have to defy the judiciary for even the most toothless attempts to regulate abortion (mandating sanitary killing centers, for example), why not defy the judiciary to protect every child, as our leaders take an oath to do! Why settle for less than the very minimum that God settles for? According to the Bible (Numbers 35, Genesis 9), only justice abates the wrath of God for the shedding of innocent blood. I believe every jurisdiction - city, county, state, federal, international - should immediately criminalize every abortion and protect every baby, and WOE unto us if we don't. The wrath of God is against us, and time is short to waste effort trying to regulate the child-killing. We wind up on the wrong side of the line God's drawn so clearly in the sand.
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